8 Tips for Bigger-Looking Eyes

Sunday, February 22, 2015

As one probably could have noticed, I like makeup a lot. In a way it is its on art. You can somehow “paint” your face and change its appearance completely. You can transform its shape by contouring, you can flush your cheeks more, you can add some eyebrows when yours aren’t that perfect and you can also change the eyes. You can bring out their natural colour you can let the lashes look fuller or you can also let your eyes look bigger and more awake. There are some certain things you can do to accomplish that, and I am going to show some of them today.

To look more awake, always put a highlighting colour on the inner corners of the eyes. You can use an eye shadow, but also something like a highlighter stick to do that.

Also put the same colour you use on the inner corners on the browbone. This will let your eyes look bigger and more defined instantly! But don’t forget to blend that in very well, as you don’t want to end up looking completely weird with bright lines and bulks under the brows. Not that much of a flattering look, I promise.

Right underneath that browbone highlight, in the crease of the eyes, try and put a little bit of a darker shadow. This will contour and define them perfectly. Whether you want a real smokey look, or just a natural defined look is completely up to you. But again: blend well!

When having applied the eye shadow, try and put a little bit of the lightest shade you used on the inner corners and the browbone on your ring finger and pat just a little bit right on the centre of the lids. This should only be a little dot and barely visible, but it can make the biggest difference!

Also try using white eyeliner to line the waterline (huh, that was of lot of lines in that sentence, wasn’t it?). This lets the whole eye look bigger and clearly more awake. It also looks way more natural than putting black liner on the lower water line. Only put the black liner on the tight line to help look the lashes a lot fuller and thicker.

Most important thing when putting makeup on the eyes: mascara! Before coating your lashes, however, curl them. Some lucky people don’t need to do that, as their lashes are already in a beautiful curl. Mine, on the contrary, just grew downwards and when I use a curler it just makes the eyes pop and look so much better than without.

When applying mascara on the bottom lashes, don’t go in too close. This way it doesn’t smudge so easily and it also gives the feeling as if the lashes were placed a little lower than they actually are: thus à bigger eyes.

The last tip is pretty logic, but we keep forgetting about it most of the times. If you want the focus to be on your eyes go with a natural lip colour. Avoid bright and dark colours and just go with a neutral brown or pink shade. This won’t take the focus away from your eyes.

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