Review: Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anyone else really enjoys to paint their nails? Well I certainly do! However, one thing I hate is when I really take my time painting them and giving them a good and nice manicure, but the next day I notice that they have already chipped. And painting your nails every second day isn't a whole lot of fun is it? Especially not if you really enjoyed one colour and wanted it to last a little longer. In time, though, I started to get used to nail polish not lasting any longer than 3 days, 4 days max. 

Until I tried this one: The Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Forever Strong Nail Colour. This stuff is seriously incredible. I heard a lot of people raving about it on the internet, so I went out to get it and I bought it in the colour "Golden Brown". At home I instantly took off the nail polish I had on and started painting my nails with this goodie. First of all: the applicator! I just can't say how much I love nail polish applicators that are a little rounded at the edges and thus have a nail-like shape. It makes applying it so much easier. Next I have to say that the colour pay-off really impressed me. If you were in a real hurry, one layer would actually be enough to make your manicure look good. However, if I have time, I usually do two coats plus base and top coat.

But the ting I was most curious about was: does it really stay for 7 day straight? And YES! I was really impressed with the lasting power of this polish. Because when Maybelline say 7 days, they actually mean 8 or 9. It's truly incredible and makes my life so much easier. And even when 7 days have passes, the nail polish still doesn't chip but only starts to grow out a bit. 
Good job there Maybelline, good job!

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