Marvellous Match

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Doesn't it make one just happy if they are wearing makeup, nail polish, clothing or other accessories that are matching perfectly? A Marvellous Match, if you want to call it like that? Lately, I have been obsessed with finding things and colours that look exactly alike. So here are five of my favourite matching things I found.

In the winter months I love wearing a dark lip and deep red nail polish. So I have been looking for two things that would share the exact same colour. Essie's bordeaux is one of my all time favourite red nail polishes. The lip colour that goes perfectly with it, in my opinion, is Diva by Mac. Both are really beautiful deep red colours and not only great for this time of the year, but basically just all year 'round.

I don't know one single person who doesn't like rose-gold. So what would you say about a rose-gold champagny coloured eye shadow and a marvellous match nail polish? Yes please! This summer I bought the Estée Lauder cream eye shadow in pink zinc and I am absolutely addicted to it. When I, just recently actually, treated myself with the Maybelline 7 day super stay nail polish in golden brown I saw that they were the perfect match! And together, they really look amazing.

Sticking with the nail polish theme here, one of my all time favourites for summer nail polishes is Essie’s mint candy apple. And when I say summer nail polish, I mean: I'm wearing it all the time and I really don't care if it's December or July. For Christmas, I got this amazing phone case for my new iPhone 6 and I love it so much. It's got a really cute owl on it and the best thing is: it matches my nail polish like nothing else!

Lastly, I thought I would share something else that I have been obsessed with. These are less a perfect colour match, than a match in style or wear, as you would call it. I have been wearing my Bobbi Brown palette a lot lately (well the shadows and not the palette itself) and I enjoyed paring it with a dark, nude lip such as the KIKO pencil lip-gloss or Mysslin's shiny lip colour lipstick. On the other hand, I also wore a lot of the rosy and pink toned colours from the Naked 3 palette and pared this with a pink gloss, such as this one by Dior.

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