Dry-Lips Cure

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter is the time where my lips go really dry and just tend to not look their best. What I reach for usually depends on my mood (or what is just near me as I don't feel like looking for something longer than a few seconds). I am one of those people who literally hoard hundreds of thousands of lip balms and chap sticks and lip butters and whatever else there is on this planet. But I am also one of those who can't keep one of those products for a long time, as I tend to loose them instantly. 

One thing I can't get enough of or the lip butters by Nivea (or in my case labello, as I live in Austria). They are perfect for really dry lips and they also smell and taste amazing. My favourite one is Raspberry Rose. I love putting this on whenever I pass the little pan and especially in the evenings.

Maybelline's Baby Lips are also great lip products. I really enjoy the fact that they contain a little colour. My favourite is the one in Cherry Me, as it gives your lips this perfect sheer, red tint (and it smells just so yummy!). I also like the blue one Hydrate and, of course, Pink Punch, which is this pretty baby pink colour.
In general, I am in love with chap sticks! Just like the red Cranberry Cherry one from Alverde or the hydrating Moisture Balm from bebe. I got this last one from my cousin and some friends when they came to my place this summer and we had a sleepover-weekend. It came with a whole set of same-scented body stuff and I can tell you, this shower gel was heaven! I went through two big bottles in less than a month! (Okay, Note to myself: repurchase!)

When nothing else wants to do the job and my lips look like the great desert in Africa, I finally reach to one of the heavy and thick lip balms. I got two (on this photo) from Walde, which is a very old soap factory in Austria (basically the oldest I guess, at least from where I live) and this lip balms in Rose and Apricot are the best. You really have to stick your finger on there to get any product out as they are so thick, but once you got it on your lips it is amazing!

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