December Favourites

Sunday, December 28, 2014

 I really can’t believe that it is already time to do the December favourites! This year has passed so quickly!

In one of my next posts I will also show you guys my 2014 Favourites, but as I had a couple of thing that I really loved especially this month, I also wanted to do a December Favourites post for you.

This month I discovered quite a few things so lets start with make up, shall we?

- For me, one of the absolute highlights that I got for Christmas was the Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette.

- I never knew that this was a thing, but Lip Gloss in a Pencil obviously exists and I don’t know how I loved without it. Seriously! I am obsessed with this one by KIKO in the number 12. It is the perfect dark but still nude shade for everyday and also in the evening with a smokey eye.

- Winter for me is the time of the year where I love to take baths. These were my favourite ones:
                                   - Lush Twilight Bath Bomb
                                   - My Body Malve Wellness Bath
                                   - Lush Melting Snowman

- For my hair I really was into using hair oils a lot. I find that they treat my hair so well and leave it really silky and soft. I loved the Garnier Fructis Wonder-Oil, as well as the Schwarzkopf Glem Vital Fresh It Up Oil.

- My favourite movies of the month definitely have to be Christmas movies: Elf and Frozen are both so adorable and cute and I love them both and could watch them a hundred times in a row.

- There has been one season this month I have been obsessed with and this is still and understatement (my cousin will be laughing when she reads this as she was the one who witnessed me watching literally between five and ten episodes a day.): The Vampire Diaries! Who could not love that series? I watched basically all six seasons this month in probably less than two weeks, no joke, that’s how weird I am.

- And last: Music. Of course, how could it be differently! If you guys follow me on twitter then you probably already know what I’m going to say now: my favourite album his month was “Christmas” by Michael Bublè. How gorgeous is it, really!

For this post I thought I’d try something knew and add something like “Snaps of the Week”, where I include one of the nicest snapchat-pictures I took this week. (You can follow me on snapchat at sophiegrnbrgr if you want.)

Love, Sophie

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