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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hello Lovely People out there!

Today will be a very special blog post. I am staying at my cousin’s for a couple of days (she also has a blog, visit her and her friend Alex at ProjectWorld) so we thought about doing two collaborations, one for her blog and one for mine.
And together we’re going to talk about our favourite DIY Toners today.


Green Tea Toner (Sophie):
What you’ll need:
- Green Tea
- Honey
- Tea Tree Oil
- Baking Soda

How to:
First just make a cup of green tea and let it cool. After that you just want to add about a teaspoon of honey and stir the tea until it’s completely in solution. Next add a few drops of tea tree oil and another teaspoon of baking soda. At first it will start fizzing but this is completely normal due to the baking soda. Wait a little until it stopped and your toner is ready to use.
Make sure to keep it somewhere cold for storage in order to prolong its shelf life. Don’t use it anymore after about one to two weeks.

Chamomile Toner (Juno):
What you’ll need:
- Chamomile Tea
- Tea Tree Oil
- White Wine Vinegar

How to:
First take one cup of freshly made chamomile tea and wait until it cooled. Then add a few drops of tea tree oil and about two tablespoons of white wine vinegar to your tea. Stir the toner and let it set for a little while.
To ensure long shelf life use distilled water instead of normal water.


When we use it:
We use our toners always in the evening after washing and cleansing our face. Apply with a cotton pad or spray it on your face, then, wait for a few moments until you go on with your usual skin care routine.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and we will see you tomorrow!

Sophie and Juno

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