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Friday, December 05, 2014

Hello there Lovelies!


And today is going to be a quick and easy hair tutorial / winter hair routine of mine.

I naturally have really curly hair and a lot of volume to it. A lot of people always say it must be so nice to have hair like that, because so basically just have to let it dry and voilà. But that is the problem: basically, but basically it’s not that easy.
 I really like my hair, don’t get me wrong, but curly hair is really something you have to take good care of.

If I let my hair air-dry it will be really curly, but in winter I don’t like to do that because I easily catch a cold when doing this (I know haha you’re allowed to laugh at me at this point :p). But when I just blow-dry it, it usually is a lot more straight but it gets so much volume I end up looking like a lion.

I really like that beach-wavy hair style look, so here is what I do, to make it look like that like that, but it still is a quick and easy way to do your hair:

First I wash my hair (obviously) with my favourite shampoo and conditioner. But I do this in the evening so I don’t get into a hurry the next morning.

Next when getting out of the shower I like to towel-dry it a bit, comb trough it with my tangle teeser and apply some nourishing hair oil.

After that I just blow-dry my hair but using a brush to do that as I want to end up with the least volume as possible.

When my hair is fully dried I take my curling wand and start taking random sections to curl them. It doesn’t have to look perfect, because when you wake up it will look better either way.
This is what it looks like in the evening (and excuse my non-makeup-face and my under eye circles haha):
And this is what I am left with the next morning:

I just brush through it with my hands I and am good to go!

I hope you enjoyed day 5 of Blogmas and found this tutorial helpful.

See you tomorrow,


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