Christmas Nail DIY ♥

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Hello there lovely people on the Internet!

And what would Christmas time be without some nicely and christmassy painted nails?

I am not really the person who goes all out with their nail polish, painting them in a rainbow pattern or using neons or even trying to get little elves on there (even if it really would be cute). I just don’t have the patience or not the courage to get out there with really bright or just noticeable designs on my nails.
However, I put three “nail-designs” together that I really loved recently or like to do around this time of the year.

(And yes, while shooting the photos I was watching Tanya Burr's video collab with Zoe and they were doing the Christmas Knowledge Challenge. It was soo funny!) 

The first “look” is what I used to wear a lot of times. I painted my nails with Essie’s “I pink I can” and did my accent nails with Essie’s “lilacism”. I think it looks really cute and girly, but also feels a little more wintery than other colour I have been using lately.

For nice, neutral nails I painted them with a dark brown colour from Catrice in the colour “Greige! The new Beige”. I really enjoy neutral and beige nail polishes and I got this one from my cousin Juno when she came over to me this fall. Thanks again, I love it!

And this is what I have on my nails right now while writing this blog post for you guys: Essie’s “bordeaux”. I dotted a white nail polish (the one I used is from Douglas) on my ring finger nails with a toothpick doing some accent nails here. This one is clearly the most christmassy design on my nails for this post.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this, found it helpful and thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog!


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