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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello there Lovelies!

Since quite some time has passed since my last post I decided I would do a little update for you on what’s going on at the moment in my life.

I’m now in senior year of high school and in about five months I will be doing my finals  (I did a post on that a while ago J). I have quite a lot of tests to take, papers to write and just thing so study in general, so it’s actually really busy. But on the other hand it also is completely surreal. Exactly one month ago I had my prom and it was unbelievable (I included some pictures for you down below.)

Nevertheless, I really like to blog. I decided that I wanted to do not only beauty blogging, but also more life-related topics like recipes, DIY’s, fashion posts and maybe also something like a “daily-blog” where I would tell and show you everything I did that day.

That is why I thought I could start and try doing something this year that has been really popular on YouTube the last couple of years. It’s called “Vlogmas”. People vlog themselves (film) everyday from 1st to 24th of December and upload it.

So I am going to do it as well this year like a special advent calendar for Christmas and call it “BLOGMAS”.

I further decided that I would upload blog posts now regularly once a week (Sunday).
(Be prepared for this Sunday, where I will be doing a little Christmas lush haul).

If you have any idea or request on topics you would like to read and know about, please let me know.

That was my promdress. I got it from a special
shop in Innsbruck where they only sell prom-
and wedding-dresses.
(It's called "Le Chat")

This was me and some friends of mine at midnight
performing a little play for the audience,
as this is some tradition where I live.
As our prom theme was italian, we performed
a journey through Italy and I was part of the

Thank you for reading and your support,
It means a lot to me,

See you very soon,

Love, Sophie

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