November Favourites

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello there my Lovelies!
It is November 30th today, isn’t it crazy how fast this month went by?
However, that could only mean one thing: November Favourites Time!

I just made some delicious tea (pomegranate and redcurrant), snuggled into a cosy blanket and lighted some candles. Now I’m all ready for writing and telling you guys about my favourites of the month.

My first favourite I will show you are actually two. I have been obsessed this month with two of Essie nail polishes. As it is winter I love dark colours and this dark red in “Bordeaux” is perfect for it. I basically wore this nearly every day in November.
When I didn’t, I painted my nails with “I pink I can” which is this very cute, girly pink colour. My aunt actually gave it to me and I didn’t have any nail polish like that so I was excited to try it out and I really like it.
What would winter be without candles? It was such a hard decision to make which of my candles I liked the most, but I just have to go with one of my Yankee Candles in “Snowflake Cookie”. It is a rather sweet scent but in my opinion perfect for fall and winter as it literally smells like really yummy Christmas cookies.

Autumn and wintertime is when I really enjoy wearing a bold lip. The one lipstick I have been obsessed with is MAC “Diva” which is a matte dark red colour. I really like this one because it doesn’t dry out my lips and I also don’t have to reapply it every second minute. If I didn’t want to wear a really dark lip colour, I put on the Pure Shine Colour Lip balm by Catrice in 040 My Cherry Berry. It is really hydrating which is perfect as my lips have been really dry for the last couple of days.

My next favourite is a little eye shadow palette. At this time of the year I love some glittery and golden eye makeup. As I was short on eye shadow like that and I clearly wanted to get some new, I went out on a little shopping spree and found this Diamond Glow palette in coffee drama by Maybelline. The colours are super pigmented and stay for a long time.

On that same shopping spree I also saw that L’Oreal was reduced by 25%. And, knowing me, I couldn’t resist and bought the Nude Magique Eau de Teint in 120 pure ivory. I heard so many people saying lots of great thing about it so I wanted to try it myself and I wasn’t disappointed. It is gorgeous! It doesn’t give the greatest coverage, but for an every day foundation it is perfect, as it feels so light.
Coming to a more random favourite of mine this month. It is my all time favourite series White Collar, which has just aired its 6th season! Soo excited!!

My favourite song this month is “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons. I have listened to it basically 24/7.

Coming to the last thing I want to tell you about this month: My favourite YouTuber and Blogger! I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and especially watching YouTube videos (if you like, I’ll show you who I’m subscribed to). My favourite Blogger this month is Estée or Essiebutton and my favourite YouTuber is Gabriella or also called Velvetgh0st.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed finding out about my favourites this month.

See you all tomorrow for the first day of Blogmas!! (I’m soo excited!)

Love you!

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