Christmassy Lush Haul

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello there lovely people!

I just put on a facemask because I really needed to relax (if you guys want, I’ll show you how I do those facemasks and what I put into them).

As promised, I’m going to tell you about my recent shopping trip to Lush and do a little haul on it.

Winter is probably on of my all time favorites from each and every season of the year. I love how everything is getting all Christmassy and everyone is getting into a really festive mood. But the best thing for me is, when all those beauty companies bring out their special editions and Christmas scented stuff.
For me it’s magical when I walk into Lush for example and everything smells like Christmas, snow and just basically happiness. And of course I can’t help, but buy myself some treats.

So here is what I got this year:

- Butterbear (£ 1.95)

- Melting Snowman (£ 2.25)

- Northern Lights (£ 3.50)

- So White Bathbomb (£ 3.50)

- Wizard (£ 3.25)

- Sparkler (£ 3.50)

Here are the links if you want to have a look at them or buy them online:

- Butterbear
- Melting Snowman
- Northern Lights
- So White Bathbomb

See you all very soon,
Love, Sophie

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