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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello there Lovelies! ♥

Quite some time has past since I had uploaded my last blogpost...
So I want to make up for it and decided to tell you guys about the things I have done during the holidays until now. I hope you enjoy ♥.

As probably some of you know, the Donau-Insel-Fest has taken place three weeks ago at Vienna. This Year I decided to go there with my cousin Julia and a lot of friends of mine to see some great artists like Cro, Adel Tawil, Conchita Wurst or Rita Ora perform.

It has been truly amazing and I will definitely keep this weekend in my memory for a long time.

My Cousin Julia and me
at the Danubia Island Festival 
A week later, the summer holidays began and my family and me travelled to a little town called "Podersdorf" at the Neusiedler lake.
The weather, unfortunately, hadn't been that amazing. Most of the week it was really windy and sometimes even quite cold. The sun hid behind some clouds so while my dad and brother were surfing, I went to the indoor swimming pool and relaxed. 
During the last three days of our trip I fell ill and had to stay at the hotel and watch TV.
But still: It was a great vacation and i had lots of time to relax, take Lush bubble baths, read some books, sleep in and just do nothing without feeling bad about it.

Of course I also went shopping during my time in Vienna. There has been an amazing sale so here's a little Haul of what I got:

· Two necklaces and a bracelett from Bijou Brigitte (3,50€ each instead of 10€ each) 

· Iphone case by Karl Lagerfeld (9€ instead of 40€) 

· Michael Kors wallet (60€ instead of 180€)

· Body Shop: Honey Bronzer, Tea Tree Oil and Raspberry Body Butter (together 22€ instead of 40€)

· Esteé Lauder cream eye-shadow in 03 Pink Zinc (9€ instead of 40€)

Sophie ♥

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