School and Finals

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello there lovelies! 

I just wanted to tell you that I am really sorry for not posting in a while.
I had a lot of work to do for myself and also for others, as I am a person who says “yes” just every time they get asked for something. 

As this term of school is finally coming to an end, I was really busy learning for some last minute tests and exams to keep my grades that I achieved last year. But I also had to start doing a lot of work for my finals, which are going to be in a year.
This may sound really weird now. Why would anybody start studying that early for his or her final exams? The answer is a bit complicated:
As I live in Austria, the government has decided to “change” the school system slightly. They didn’t only introduce new types of middle schools, but they also invented some new kind of Final Exams. In Austria we used to call them “Matura”, which would be the diploma that allows you to enter university after high school. Until this year, teachers were able to choose the topics for the students' finals to make sure they learned about it in classes. But now, the government decided it wanted to give everybody the same chances in terms of education and introduced the “Zentral Matura” (which you could translate with “central finals”).  Vienna (our capital) now chooses the topics and even the exact assignments for the whole country. They set a date where every school has to do their finals on and they will tell the teachers how to correct them. There won’t be any space left for one’s personal opinion, as the correct answers are defined before. If you write down an answer, that makes sense and even if its content is correct, it will be counted wrong if it isn’t on the sheet of allowed answers.

In my opinion this is so ridiculous, but what should we do? Further more the government decided that every student had to write a paper (like the ones at university) in order to be allowed to attend the Matura.
We have to hand that paper in on some day in February 2015, which isn´t that far away anymore. So I had to start reading books, doing research and start writing some chapters, as I am going to do my paper about the Watergate Scandal in 1972-1974.

Another thing that kept me busy was planning my prom with a small group of other students, which is going to be in October this year.

So now I wrote an entire blog post about my finals next year and explaining what I have been doing. I am sorry if this wasn’t too interesting, or maybe it was (at least I hope so haha :).

See you all really soon with something beauty and fashion related topic again!

Love, Sophie 

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