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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well hello there Internet! 

For today I thought I'd share my Skin Care Products with you. 
I have a really difficult skin to be honest. It gets oily quickly on my forehead,  nose and chin.  My nose tends to get red really easily and I also break out sometime on my forehead and temples, but also on my chin. Thus I usually stick to a special routine as soon as I found one working for me, when I clean my face and protect it from the sun. For about the last half year I constantly used these products below and I really started noticing my skin getting loads better. Now I barely have break-outs at all any more.

♥ Let's start with face-wash and peelings:

I use something different in the mornings and evening.

In the morning I wash my face with the Vichy Normaderm "Deep cleansing purifying gel". I love its scent and the way it feels when I massage it  into my skin. After washing it of it leaves my face totally clean and really smooth.

In the evening on the other hand, I usually wash my face with the Alverde Foaming Cleanser 3 in 1. This doesn´t only clean my face, it also takes off the rest of my makeup (you could also use it as a eye-makeup remover) and it helps break-outs. Btw: It smells soo yummy like apple and lime *_*

Another product that I don't use on a daily basis, but sometimes if I feel the need to, is the face-peeling by Marilou Bio. It really helps me to get of all those old pieces of skin when I would have some dry patches and leaves my face with gorgeous soft skin. 

(from the left): Alverde Foaming Cleanser,
Vichy Normaderm "Deep cleansing purifying gel"
Marilou Bio Face Peeling

♥ Moisturiser and Sunscreen:

After washing my face it needs to be hydrated and therefore I always use my Vichy Normaderm "Global anti-imperfection hydrating care". This doesn't only moisturise my skin, it also helps curing break-out, discolorations and also works as a makeup base. I love the container it comes in and how easily it sinks into my skin.

If the sun is really strong outside, I will reach for my Vichy Face Cream "Skin cell sun protection" with SPF 30. I apply this under my moisturizer, to prevent my face from lookin too pale or white because of the sunscreen.

(from the left):
Vichy Face Cream "Skin cell sun protection" with SPF 30,
Vichy Normaderm "Global anti-imperfection hydrating care"

That are my Skin Care Products that I use at the moment. (sorry for the fact, that some of the notes on the containers are in german, but as you might know, I live in Austria :)

See you soon,

Love, Sophie 

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