Bobby Brown "Smokey Eye Mascara"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello there  ♥

I recently went shopping to get a new mascara, as I wanted to try out another one. I ended up buying the Bobbi Brown "Smokey Eye Mascara" in Number 1 Black.
I had thought about buying this for quite a long time as it isn´t really cheap, but now I am so happy that I had decided to get it!
First of all I really like its packaging. It comes in this typical black little box. What I love about the box as well as the mascara itself is their simplicity in design. It just looks so chic!
I do have quite long lashes, especially when I curl them. But when I was using this mascara: wow! It just gives them the most perfect look I have ever seen. It really gives them length without making the lashes stick together. It is perfect when using lots of layers and gives you a real "fake-eyelash-look". I also was really happy that it didn´t smudge under my eyes or flake off.

Bobbi Brown "Smokey Eye Mascara"
1 Black
$28.00 | €28.99 | £22.00

Tipp: I like to use about 2-4 layers per eye, depends on how strongly pronounced I want my lashes to be.

Worth the Price?: Definitely!

Overall: The perfect mascara for an every day-, as well as a night-time look.

See you soon,

Sophie ♥

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